Auditing & Assurance

We provide following audit and assurance services to our clients.

  • Statutory audits under Indian Company Law and Other Statutes.
  • Certification of Financial Statements under Indian.
  • Internal /concurrent Audit
  • Management / Operational Audit.
  • Due diligence reviews/Certification
  • Financial Analysis
  • Fraud Investigations.

Accounting Systems & Internal Control

  • Design and Set-up Business Process and Internal Control Systems.
  • Review, improvement and implementation .
  • Controllership and CFO Functions.
  • Design and set up accounting systems.
  • Accounting advisory services.
  • Systems and Process manuals .

Account & Payroll

We provide complete outsourcing solutions in the areas of accounting, payroll, income tax and all other regulatory/statutory compliances. We can undertake any size of outsourcing operation in above areas. Our client’s backyard is our front yard. Our clients enjoy the benefit of having the best of resources being deployed to handle their backyard functions. We implement best practices in processes and systems to ensure that we meet the high expectations of our clients from outsourcing. We maintain constant communication with our clients affording them an opportunity to constantly evaluate the efficiency of their outsourcing decisions.

Executive Taxation Services

With frequent changes in income tax laws related to deductions, rebates and exemptions available to individuals, Executive tax planning and investments has become inevitable to avail all benefits available under income tax law and to maximize the returns on investments.

In software, BPO, Call centre, where executives renders services in various countries, becomes resident of more than one country and liable to pay tax in more than one country, executive taxation has become very important areas for tax planning of such executives and corporate.

We Provide The Following Executive Taxation Services
  • Advisory services for maximizing deductions / rebates / exemptions under the tax laws;
  • Review, improvement and implementation .
  • Personal investment strategy for optimum tax efficiency;
  • Salary structuring to maximize tax benefits;
  • Filing of tax returns through efiling
  • Representation before tax authorities

Certification Services

  • Certification under the Income-Tax laws and other various Acts.
  • Certifications for various kinds of subsidies to be replaced by Government Authorities.

Company Law Advisory Services

We provide advisory services on company law matters Relating to merger, takeover, amalgamation, compliances as per Listing agreements, managerial remunerations, shareholding Pattern etc as per companies act.

Business Transformation And Management Consulting

  • Textiles and Garments.
  • Business Process Outsourcing.
  • Construction.
  • Techno-commercial feasibility studies and advisory.
  • Financial structuring and funds arrangements.
  • Business Plan preparation and Implementation.
  • Business valuation.
  • Support Services for Setting Up Shop in India / New Start-ups .

Company Set Up Services

New Company set up requires following sanctions and registrations as per nature of product/investment pattern /object of establishment and size of organization. We provide following services for New set up.

  • Advising on implications of operating through a limited liability company, the level of capitalization, etc.
  • Obtaining name approval from the Registrar of Companies.
  • Drawing up the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.
  • Registration of the company with the registrar of companies.
  • Registration under VAT tax, service tax.
  • Registration with Income tax Department for corporate tax and withholding tax.
  • STPI Registration for availing various tax benefits.
  • Assisting in Opening of Bank Accounts and obtaining all necessary approval in case of foreign company.

CFO Controllership and Services

  • We assists MNC, Bankers, Institutions in planning and management of their affairs as CFO/CEO India.
  • Complete establishment with all legal compliances and all level recruitments as per client,s need.
  • Financial arrangement.
  • Authorised signatories facilities can be provided to facilitate client,s business in India.
  • Stretegic growth plan and assistance in implementation for desired results
  • Assists International accounting/ finance/project consultants.